You Can Build a Commercial Aquaponics System for organic farming easily AND economically with our Do-It-Yourself packages!

You will save time and money, and be able to obtain USDA Organic Certification like so many of our students, when you purchase a Friendly Aquaponics Commercial DIY information package for organic farming. Why? First, organic farming in the soil can take you years to master and become profitable. How do I know? I used to farm in the soil. What I remember most is how much my back hurt at the end of the day from hoeing and pulling weeds. I also remember the constant struggle to “make my day pay”.

In contrast, most of the work in your commercial aquaponics organic farming operation is done standing up, in the shade. Or even sitting down, if you prefer. And mastering commercial aquaponics is easy with our information packages, which have all the answers you need in an easy-to-understand form.

(Below) Showing half of a small (1,200 square feet) commercial aquaponics system in a greenhouse.A large (512 sq ft) Family diy aquaponics system in a greenhouse.

To help ensure your success with commercial aquaponics, we supply complete, free technical support via email FOREVER, at no additional charge, because our systems work so well, and our information is so complete and comprehensive. No one else in the business can afford to do this, because their information is not as complete and based on actual experience commercial farming as ours is.

Purchase The Commercial Aquaponics DIY package & Plans

You may be thinking about purchasing a “kit” commercial aquaponics system from one of the consultants or greenhouse distributors to “get it right”, or to save work in constructing your system. But there’s nothing magical about these kits. When they arrive at your site, they are simply pallets of pumps, fish tanks, trough parts, and greenhouse parts. You STILL have to build the system. You have to do the grading for the system and greenhouse, install the fish tanks, trench for plumbing, install pumps, blowers, airstones, and assemble troughs. With our package, you get complete system plans, and a 54-page Construction Manual with plenty of photos and easy-to-understand instructions.

In addition, none of these kit systems, nor the operating technology they use, is USDA certifiable for organic farming use as our systems and technologies ARE. When you know “USDA Certified Organic” can mean prices of twice as much for the same produce, you know how important this is to any commercial operation.

You buy the materials yourself for our systems from local sources. Except when you buy from local sources and use our information package to put it together, you get your organic farming system and greenhouse for one-quarter to one-third of what you’d pay the kit sellers for the same stuff. Because we don’t make any money from selling “stuff” the way the kit sellers do, we’re free to recommend the best, most economical, most durable, locally available “stuff” to build your farm from.

The real difference between us and the kit sellers is that they have never operated a commercial aquaponics farm, and can’t teach you what you need to know to be successful growing and marketing aquaponic vegetables. We have been organic farming with aquaponics for eight years now. Because we do this for a living, we have the best information on the most important part of the aquaponic equation: how to make money organic farming with your commercial aquaponics farm.

When you order, you immediately receive a downloaded copy of our Micro System manual so you can get up to speed on aquaponics technology right away. In addition, we supply unlimited free lifetime technical support for all of our products! Details on our “Support” page.

Click for the complete list of what you get with this package; there’s MUCH, MUCH more included than just our “free” commercial¬† manuals offered in our newsletters and blog.

Rose and Dad and two Delicious Fishes from our organic farming operation

(Above) Rose and Dad and two of our “Delicious Fishes”.

Our 4,096 square foot commercial DIY system costs $21,995 for materials in Hawaii. On the mainland, the same materials cost $16,425 (early 2014). This is $5.37 per square foot of growbed area, INCLUDING the cost for our commercial plans; you source most items locally.

Compare this cost ($16,425) to the same size kit system from “a well-known aquaponics consultant”, which costs $82,500, or $20.14 per square foot of grow bed area. Their system holds 7,536 plants, while our system holds 26,410 plants; 3.5 times as many. Their system costs $10.94 per plant space, while our system costs $0.62 per plant space.

It would seem that an aquaponic system design with more plant spaces, that cost less per each, would be good for your business. Our systems are USDA Organically Certified and our produce is organic (which brings the highest prices), while their systems are NOT organically certifiable, and their produce brings lower prices. Based on this direct comparison, our aquaponic systems are the most cost-effective and profitable on the planet!

We also supply unlimited free lifetime technical support for all of our products, something none of the others can offer! Details on our “Support” page.

Purchase The Commercial Aquaponics DIY Package & Plans

Organic heirloom tomatoes from our aquaponics organic farming operation.

New! Introducing the best part of the Commercial DIY Package, the Friendly Business Module:

As the commercial aquaponics farm that’s been in business the longest, we have the most business experience to share with you. That now includes the Friendly “Business Module”, which walks you through all the steps of starting a profitable aquaponic organic farming business: test growing, marketing, CSA’s, profit prediction spreadsheets, internet presence and how to build a WordPress website for your business, Organic Certification, Food Safety Certification, materials lists, supplier’s information, and much more!

It includes two spreadsheets (with easy-to-use instructions) for predicting specific crop and market success; you simply input local prices for the produce item, and your itemized costs of doing business. The spreadsheets automatically calculate your gross income, then take out total expenses (including labor- it shows you how to estimate this also), loan payments, depreciation, and even taxes, and return a bottom line number that shows how much money it is possible to make in your organic farming operation.

It also includes our new Food Safety Certification package for compliance with the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). This is NOT the old GAP “guidelines”; they are no longer applicable. Our FSMA package is a self-explanatory publication that guides you through the process, and includes a sample checklist audit, complete instructions, and extensive fillable forms that you simply put your farm name and information into.

It also includes two organic farming aquaponics business plans, a promotional slide show you can use to educate your bank loan officer and investors about aquaponics, our newest pest control publication: “How To Win The War On Bugs”, the most up-to-date information on costs and considerations for using artificial lighting in your commercial aquaponics system, and most importantly: our new guide “How To Select A Property For Organic Farming” (it’s smart to check before you buy, because those folks won’t certify just any property).

Interested in USDA Organic Certification? You should be! If you grow commercially, Organic Certification usually brings double the price. We’ve been certified since 2008, and are the only aquaponics trainers who can currently teach you how to get certified.

Organic heirloom edible flowers and greens from our aquaponics organic farming operation.

This package is for you if you are certain that you’ve got your greenhouse needs taken care of. If not, or if you have questions about the subject, we developed the most energy and cost-efficient protected environment growing structure in the world: the Aquaponic Solar Greenhouse. We offer 50% off the cost of the Family Aquaponic Solar Greenhouse DIY package if you purchase it at the same time as this Commercial DIY course .

Of course, if you can afford the time and travel costs, our live group trainings or live Personal Intensive trainings are the highest level of assistance we can offer you to get started in commercial aquaponics. If you are unable to attend a live training, our self-taught packages have all the hard-copy and electronically-distributed information contained in those trainings.

Aquaponics system plans for an aquaponics organic farming operation.

Your package includes a 330-page course manual, 4 “D-sized” sheets of computer-drawn construction plans, a construction manual with tons of pictures, our Commercial Tilapia Hatchery manual, our Micro System and TableTop Systems manuals, our Plywood/Epoxy/Fiberglass Tank Manual, and a day-to-day operations manual.

Purchase The Commercial Aquaponics DIY Package & Plans

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Click here for a complete list of “What You Get” as part of this package.

Lifetime Guarantee: We guarantee a full refund of the purchase price of your Commercial System plans IF you have actually used them. If you have built and operated a system and are still not satisfied, we will refund your money in full.