Easy Way

Aquaponics The EASY Way! (E-book shown).

This is the first aquaponics book that gives you the ability to DO practical, how-to aquaponics in the easiest and most economical way; now available in softcover printed version too!

It shows you how to build these affordable, small systems from locally available materials, and more importantly, includes the best information on how to operate these small systems. With this book, it IS “Easy”, and you can do it!

If you purchase both the E-book and the printed book, the E-book will download right away so you will have the book to read while the printed version is on its way to you. Read on for more details.

Aquaponics The EASY Way!

Aquaponics The EASY Way! (printed version shown). The FIRST aquaponic Coffee Table book that is the best practical guide to your own system at the same time!




The most beautiful and practical Aquaponics book ever!

This E-book makes aquaponics ten times more affordable and accessible than all the expensive “kits”, because you simply purchase the parts for your system at your local Home Depot, Lowe’s, or other building supply store; plus a few bits of equipment from an aquarium store such as PetCo.

Grow food on your porch, in your spare room, on your kitchen counter, or even in an unused closet! Not just for “country folks”, because there’s a whole chapter on how to grow using artificial lighting; you “city folks” can grow food inside your apartment or condo, even with no balcony.

This E-book empowers you to build and operate your own small home aquaponics systems, affordably, easily, and productively. There’s no need for expensive “kits”, because an AquaponiGarden you build from this book is better; and only costs a fraction as much!


What our readers have to say about the book:

“Hi, I got your “How to do Aquaponics the EASY Way” book and I love it. It is so simple to follow. There’s no filler that you have to sift through to get the info and it isn’t so technical that it’s boring to read. It’s a perfect balance of just the right step by step info, simple to figure out pictures and a list of the exact things you need, where to buy them and how to put them together. Thanks for a great product.” Linda Pawlowski, Sayreville, NJ

Why spend a ton of money on overpriced aquaponics “kits”, when all they are is a collection of pumps, containers and piping that you still have to “build”?

Instead, build one of three different sizes of stable, durable, and productive aquaponics systems that can be operated indoors OR outdoors, or even MOVED between indoors and outdoors, depending on the season. This book details how to build (and operate!) these three affordable systems:

  1. A countertop 3.5 square foot system
  2. A countertop 12 square foot system (you need a much stronger counter for this one!)
  3. And an 18 square foot system (you need a concrete counter for this one!)

and saves you a ton of money in the process! This E-book includes complete materials lists for all three systems, plus supplier’s phone numbers and catalog numbers of items, as well as substitutes that will work for items you’re unable to find. And if you don’t have a heavy-duty counter, they work just fine on the floor or on the ground!

To download a “Sneak Peek” at this book, which includes the Table Of Contents, the Introduction, chapters 1, 3, 12, and 19, plus the Index for FREE, Click Here! (Best if viewed in Adobe Viewer)

If you don’t have an outdoors growing area available, or an indoors one near a big window, it’s OK, because there is a whole chapter on using artificial lighting to grow your aquaponics vegetables with. We also cover how to build “containment dams” so your aquaponics system can be completely safe from spills (either into your own residence, or into a downstairs neighbor’s, if you live in a multi-story building!).

The 3.5 square foot system in the book only costs around $100 for materials, the 18 square foot one only costs around $400 for materials. Materials are available locally from Home Depot or Lowes, plus the aquarium items from your local PetCo or aquarium store (some items may need to come from suppliers whose contact information is given in the complete materials lists). And of course you need fish, so there’s a whole chapter that discusses the pros and cons of the different kinds of fish you can use, as well as where and how to find them. You can download this chapter at no charge in the next line!

To download the chapter on “Which Fish For Your Aquaponics” for FREE, Click Here! (Best if viewed in Adobe Viewer)

In addition to saving you a ton of money with these complete instructions and materials lists for building the standard sizes of systems in the manual, we show you in complete detail how to OPERATE them successfully and produce a ton of food in a small space!

Rose and Jack with the 3.5 square foot system setup outdoors. This is just one of the three standard systems for which plans and materials lists are included.

The book includes new and easy-to-understand building instructions and complete operating information for small aquaponic systems based on our years of experience operating a commercial aquaponics farm. Anyone can build a system from plastic barrels, but operating one without good and easily-understood information can be frustrating. You simply use the checklist and follow the step-by-step instructions in this book, on your way to success with aquaponics.

You can simply follow the instructions in the book and have a productive aquaponics system without needing to understand why it works; just the way you can drive a car without having to know how to repair the engine. But, if you want to understand why your aquaponics system works and what is going on in it, there is a complete explanation of all the system processes and chemistry included in the book (written in easily-understood language) to give you a much deeper knowledge.

A 12 square foot EASY way system, with a 64 square foot Micro System in the background.

Indoors: This book is the perfect aquaponics how-to reference for anyone who is limited to growing indoors, or for those who only have limited space outdoors. These systems are perfect for getting your fingers wet in aquaponics without spending a lot (pun intended!). They can easily be set up inside a garage or outbuilding, inside a spare room, or even a closet. You can use them for the centerpiece of a living room or family room to show off to your friends. Best of all, they produce food! If you have light and heat you can grow vegetables and fish!

Schools: These systems are perfect for schools because of their low cost and the easily-understood instructions and plans for construction and operation that come with the package.  They are so affordable and understandable that a sixth-grader can easily use one as a science class or science fair project. They are small enough to be easily and affordably operated indoors in cold weather climates and lighted with artificial lighting (instructions included).

Teachers and School Administrators: Please contact us directly for a free evaluation copy of this book, if you have questions about bulk purchases of this book to use as an aquaponics textbook. We will make you a great deal! We want to see this good information in the hands of students and teachers.

These are the materials for the 3.5 square foot Aquaponics System. Simple, yeah?

Many small aquaponics “kits” are offered on the internet and elsewhere that are similar in size to these systems. They do not come with  instructions written by someone who runs aquaponics systems for a living as ours do. These expensive “kits” are made from standard tanks and parts marked-up several times which then have shipping tacked on. Our systems are built from economical materials and components, most of which you buy locally.

This 211- page book has a TON of information, and over 80 photos showing you how to build these small aquaponics systems and operate them. There are sections on aquaponics history, water chemistry and quality, biological processes happening in your system, all the different life forms that may show up in your system, construction, an operations manual, seed germination and seed saving, tools and materials tutorials, indoor lighting instructions, a “How do I find the right part in the hardware store” section, pages of results of our first “test” planting with 135 varieties of vegetables, and complete materials lists for the three different standard sizes of small aquaponics systems. Most of these materials are procured locally, with a few items coming from Aquatic EcoSystems in Florida or other aquarium suppliers. We derive almost all of our income from actually growing and selling vegetables and fish, and we produced this manual because we wanted to make aquaponics and growing your own food accessible and affordable for EVERYONE.

DISCLAIMER: ACCORDING TO FEDERAL LAW, IT IS UNLAWFUL TO GROW MARIJUANA IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. IN ADDITION, THESE SYSTEMS DO NOT WORK FOR GROWING MARIJUANA. We have a report from a friend of a student of ours, who had grown marijuana successfully using hydroponics for years, who tried for over a year to grow marijuana using Aquaponics systems, and never succeeded. Just so you know: When we say “food”, that is really what we mean.