2012 Aquaponics Technology, Aquaponic Solar Greenhouse, and Commercial Aquaponics Trainings In Hawaii!

Friendly Aquaponics Training April 2011To meet everyone’s needs for aquaponic training, we separated our former four-day commercial course into two courses. The first is a three-day “Aquaponics Technology Training”, that includes the best aquaponic information, plans and operating instructions available anywhere. The second is a one-day “Commercial Aquaponics Training” that covers the commercial aspects of aquaponics completely, with knowledge no one else offers, such as how to get USDA Organically Certified and Food Safety Certified (with free ongoing support after the training), and how to build a tilapia fry and egg hatchery that has 95% fry survival rates for $800.

Then, we added the Aquaponic Solar Greenhouse Training to our lexicon. Now, you can take just the courses you need. Descriptions of the Aquaponics Technology Training, the Aquaponic Solar Greenhouse Training, and the Commercial Aquaponics Training follow. They are available next in Hawaii in October 2012. For 2012 we’ve decided to offer the Aquaponics Technology course at a 50% discount if you also attend either the Solar Greenhouse Training or the Commercial Aquaponics Training, to make it as affordable as possible for everyone to attend.

Our live trainings and commercial DIY packages come with complete plans, materials lists, and step-by-step construction information for SIX different sizes of proven aquaponics systems from 64 up to 4,096 square feet in size (we’ve built and operated them all for at least four years). We ALSO teach you how to custom-design systems of 10 to 100,000 square feet in size. Other teachers WON’T give you this information, because they either can’t, or it might mean you wouldn’t need to hire them as consultants later and buy expensive stuff from them.

In addition, if you actually build a commercial-scale system, we support you via email consultations at no additional charge when you have questions about construction or operation. We’ve heard that these others won’t even answer emails unless you pay them to.

There are many who are teaching “commercial aquaponics” who have little or no experience in the field. We have been doing this profitably for five years now, and we have a guarantee: If you take one of our courses; build one of our systems, and are not satisfied, we will refund your money 100%. That’s the guarantee we make!

Our live trainings and commercial DIY packages come with complete plans, materials lists, and step-by-step construction information for SIX different sizes of proven aquaponics systems from 64 up to 4,096 square feet in size (we’ve built and operated them all for at least four years). We ALSO teach you how to custom-design systems of 10 to 100,000 square feet in size; these others WON’T give you this information, because they either can’t, or it might mean you wouldn’t need to hire them as consultants and buy expensive stuff from them.

We know of a well-known aquaponics consultant that requires you to sign a form stating that you won’t offer aquaponics training or consultant services for two years after taking their training; we have no idea if the others are encouraging you to teach with their help, but we doubt it. In contrast, we WANT you to teach aquaponics, and encourage all who take our courses to become teachers to spread this valuable information. As soon as you have a Micro System built and operating, you can start giving aquaponics courses in your area, using our copyrighted materials, under an affiliate agreement with us (contact us for details, or read our “Affiliates” page).

The next 2012 HAWAII Aquaponics Trainings will be held October 21-27, 2012, with the three-day Aquaponics Technology Training on the 21st, 22nd, and 23rd; a one-day break on the 24th; the two-day Aquaponic Solar Greenhouse Training on the 25th and 26th, and the one-day Aquaponics Commercial Training on the 27th at the North Hawaii Education and Research Center (NHERC), a satellite facility of the University of Hawaii at Hilo, Hawaii, which is physically located in the town of Honokaa, Hawaii, where the Friendly Aquaponics Farm is located. Susanne Friend and Tim Mann will be teaching this course.

The three-day Aquaponics Technology Training:

This training gives you all the aquaponic technology we’ve developed over the last four years. It includes comprehensive information on: vegetable varieties that grow well in aquaponic systems; planting, germinating, sprouting, and nursery techniques for vegetables; low-cost and efficient tilapia breeding, egg hatchery, fry care, and fish nursery techniques; aquaponics system design and construction from 2 square feet up to 100,000 square feet; site design and greenhouse design and construction; AND our new “Plywood Tank Construction Manual” with full-color pictures and procedures for building your own 30-year fiberglass/epoxy/plywood fish and breeding tanks. The course materials consist of: complete materials lists and suppliers contact information that makes it easy for anyone to build any size system; an accompanying set of detailed CAD plans including site plans and piping schematics for six different sizes of aquaponics systems from 64 up to 4,096 square feet in size; an “Aquaponics Course Manual” covering all aspects of aquaponics, and an operations manual with checklist covering the day-to-day operations of a commercial aquaponics system.

You’ll also learn everything we learned this past four years building and operating five USDA organically certified aquaponics systems, a tilapia fry and egg hatchery and nursery, a State of Hawaii Health Department Certified vegetable processing facility, and most recently, improved water circulation and aeration designs that use as little as one-tenth the electricity for pumping water and aerating fish and plants that our original improved designs did. The technology training includes three full days of classroom instruction with additional hands-on instruction at our farm or our affiliate’s farm each day.

We have been continually improving construction economy in our systems for the last four years so that now you can build a 1,024 square foot “small” commercial aquaponics system for $7,000 in materials (in Hawaii), or about $5,500 in materials on the mainland. This type of system construction will save you tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in expense as compared to buying commercial “kit” systems, while giving you the only aquaponics systems in the world that are organically certifiable, something the “kit” systems can’t do. Organic vegetables bring from 40% to 100% more than non-certified vegetables, and this simple fact means that much more income for your farm. We also developed a “sloped grading” technology for aquaponic farm locations that are hilly, which saves up to 80% of the grading costs of making flat “pads” to put your troughs and fish tanks on, and that is included with these plans.

In addition to showing you how to design and size equipment for your own custom aquaponics systems from 10 to 100,000 square feet in size, we include a step-by-step “Construction Manual” complete plans and materials lists for three different sizes of outdoors aquaponics systems: a 1,024 square foot system expandable to 4,096 square feet; a 256 square foot system expandable to 512 square feet; and a 64 square foot system expandable to 128 square feet. In addition, plans and instructions are included for four indoor/outdoor systems from 2 square feet in size up to 32 square feet. These small systems can be operated outdoors under natural light or indoors under flourescent lights, so you can easily build a small, inexpensive system to gain experience and confidence with aquaponics whether or not you have an outdoor space to grow in. It’s easy to graduate to the larger systems after building and operating a smaller one.

You will learn everything you need to know to build and operate aquaponics systems of any size. You will have all your aquaponics technology questions answered, and the trainers will make sure you understand every detail completely. Please note: information on the specifics of commercial aquaponics is not included in this course, but is the main focus of the one-day Aquaponics Commercial Training.

If you attend only the three-day Aquaponics Technology Training, it is $995, additional persons from the same project are $495 each. If you attend the Solar Greenhouse Training OR the Commercial Aquaponics Training, the Aquaponics Technology Training is only $495 for the first person, $245 for the second from the same project. To get this discount, you MUST enroll for one of those trainings FIRST (using the links lower down on this page) then you will see the discount on this training in our shopping cart page during the payment process.

Click here to enroll in the October 21-23rd, 2012 HAWAII Aquaponics Technology Training at an 80% discount FOR HAWAII RESIDENTS ONLY (!) for $195.

Click here to enroll now if you ONLY want to attend the October 21-23rd, 2012 HAWAII Aquaponics Technology Training, and you are NOT a Hawaii resident, $995

The two-day Aquaponic Solar Greenhouse Training:

We’ve come up with an awesome greenhouse and aquaponics system combination that can ALSO be used with hydroponic nutrient solutions, that puts 6.85 times as many plants per square foot of greenhouse space into the solar greenhouse as our competitor’s raft-based systems can. The Solar Greenhouse is NOT the same as conventional oil-guzzling “Controlled Environment Agriculture”, it is a completely new, sustainable, affordable, and energy-efficient combination of technologies.

As a result, the solar greenhouse has a cost per plant to build and operate that is one-tenth (or less) the cost of ANY current technology on a per-plant basis. Also, you are NOT limited to aquaponic growing, because this greenhouse will work with standard hydroponic growing solutions or our organically approved hydroponic growing technology if you want organic certification.

Although we’d make a lot more money by licensing our greenhouse and aquaponics systems technology to manufacturers, we feel the world doesn’t need more of that. We know it would only delay the arrival of a beneficial technology on the market, as well as make it cost far more. What the world needs is economical ways for people to feed other people, no matter what their climate or weather. We’re here to help with that.

This greenhouse may look expensive at first glance, but it is inexpensive on a per plant basis, which is all that matters. Click on this link for a slideshow that will show and tell you more about the Aquaponic Solar Greenhouse works. To register for the fifth Aquaponic Solar Greenhouse Training on October 25-26, 2012, being held in Honokaa, Hawaii, click here.

Click here to enroll in the two-day HAWAII Aquaponics Solar Greenhouse Training October 25-26, 2012, FOR HAWAII RESIDENTS ONLY (!) at an 80% discount, or $195!

Click here to enroll in the two-day HAWAII Aquaponics Solar Greenhouse Training (first person is $995) on October 25-26, 2012, additional persons from the same project are $495 each (you will ALSO get a discount of 50% on the Aquaponics Technology Training, or only $495 for the first person, and $245 for the second person, if you enroll in this Solar Greenhouse Training)

The one-day Aquaponics Commercial Training:

This training includes the additional information you need if you want to make money feeding other people, and you have already mastered aquaponic technology on your own or through taking our Aquaponics Technology Training. We will show you how we got our aquaponics farm USDA Organic Certified AND Food Safety Certified (no small feats! We have gotten certified both through Oregon Tilth of Oregon, AND through Organic Certifiers of California. They have said “As long as people build their systems exactly as Friendly Aquaponics has done, then their certification process will be a slam dunk.”). Seven additional Friendly students have gotten their systems USDA organically certified as of June 2011.

Specifics covered are: how to get USDA organic certification for your aquaponics system; food safety certification and how to achieve it; how to do crop variety and market research; the different ways to sell produce to wholesalers, brokers, and distributors, farmer’s markets, retail stores, to restaurants and hotels, through CSA’s, and how to build awareness of you and your products through farm tours of your farm. Also, we cover the ins and outs of statutory regulations, County Building Department regulations, permits required for operation, National Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) cost-sharing grants, State Health Department requirements for waste water discharge, State Agriculture Department Plant Quarantine Branch regulations, processing requirements for vegetables (for value-added processing), processing requirements for fish and how to sell fish, business information and help available for the aquaponics operator, general business advice, how to find and use State Extension Agents as a resource: Agriculture, Aquaculture, State Fish Vets; and how to apply for loans and grants.

We will show you how to build your own tilapia egg hatchery for under $200 in materials, not including the cost of whatever tanks you use. Having your own tilapia hatchery means you save money you would have spent purchasing fingerlings, AND gives you an additional income stream on the farm with the extra fingerlings and young fish you have to sell to others. We spent over $25,000 on our own hatchery before discovering how to build this simple, elegant, and effective tilapia egg hatchery system!

We cover a lot of ground in this information-packed day, and we support you in your USDA organic certification and Food Safety certification processes after the training as part of this package. These commercial aquaponics systems grow a lot of food in a small space with high energy efficiency. However, our commercial aquaponics training will not magically turn you into a success (as we say “Don’t quit your day job just yet!”), so please make sure you get business training from local sources in addition if you do not already have experience running a successful business. Please note: information on aquaponic system construction and operation is not part of this course, but is covered in the three-day Aquaponics Technology Training. We’re offering this training at half its usual cost: the one-day HAWAII Aquaponics Commercial Training on October 27, 2012 is $995, additional persons from the same project are $495 each.

Enroll now for the October 27, 2012 HAWAII Aquaponics Commercial Training FOR HAWAII RESIDENTS ONLY (!) at an 80% discount, for only $195.

Enroll now for all THREE trainings: the Aquaponic Technology, the Aquaponic Solar Greenhouse, and the Commercial Aquaponics Training FOR HAWAII RESIDENTS ONLY (!) at an 80% discount, for only $395.

Enroll now for the October 27, 2012 HAWAII Aquaponics Commercial Training to reserve your space, only $995, with the second person from your project at $495 (you will ALSO get a 50% discount on the Aquaponics Technology Training, or only $495 for first person and $245 for the second person, if you enroll in this Commercial Aquaponics Training)

October Training At Farm 2009


Training at Friendly Aquaponics October 2009

Click here for complete training outline for the Aquaponic Technology Training.

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Your Personal Trainers for the Commercial Aquaponics Training:
Susanne Friend, the owner of the company (with degrees in biology and chemistry) is your personal trainer for questions and issues regarding organic certification, plant and fish diseases, sales and marketing, value-added processing, fish hatchery and nursery design and operation, water and aeration questions, and water quality questions.

Tim Mann (technical staff) has been doing architectural and civil engineering design and drafting since 1990, and was an authorized AutoCAD dealer for 7 years during that period. Tim handles comprehensive system design and site-specific aquaponics questions as well as technical issues having to do with tank, piping, aeration, pumping, and electrical design. Tim also supplies civil, structural, electrical, and mechanical engineering services for those projects needing code-compliant plans and certifications for their local building departments.

Friendly Aquaponics Farm View 2008

October Training At Farm 2009 Friendly Aquaponics Training October 2009

Training at Friendly Aquaponics October 2009 October Training Class Hawaii 2009

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