Internship Trainings on commercial aquaponics systems at Living Aquaponics in Hawaii

Spend a month in beautiful, sunny Hawaii and learn everything you need to know about commercial aquaponics systems to successfully build and operate your own aquaponics farm of any size, anywhere in the world, which Zac will help you design!

Zac's commercial aquaponics systems

(Above) Susanne pointing out Zac’s sloped grading; on this site, with solid rock (rock, as in “one big one”, not “rocks”) 3 inches down, this saved him tens of thousands of dollars.

Commercial Aquaponics Systems Internships:

An Internship Training consists of one month on Zac Hosler’s farm in Honaunau on the Big Island of Hawaii. Zac gives you EVERYTHING he (and we) know about commercial aquaponics systems, aquaculture, tilapia breeding, system chemistry, plant biology, mechanical systems, grant writing and receiving, solar greenhouses, business, and marketing, in an informal environment in the course of your day-to-day work on the farm. You will have an awesome opportunity to get a tan (well, a farmer’s tan, anyway!) as you participate alongside Zac in his day-to-day aquaponics activities from Monday through Friday, and occasional half-days on Saturdays.

Start dates are the 1st and 15th of each month, the cost is $2,995, please contact Zac directly for payment, scheduling, and other internship details.

Please understand this opportunity does NOT include the use of one of Zac’s vehicles, or transportation while on island. You are welcome to rent a car, make friends and get a ride with them, take the bus, or hitchhike (very safe and common here in Hawaii). Zac doesn’t have servants or a cook; you do your own cooking, chores, and laundry.

Zac understands you will operate with integrity, non-violence, and are a hard worker. You understand you are joining his farm for a month, and if you come with an “attitude of gratitude”, and give more than you take, you will forever be a member of Zac’s “ohana” (Hawaiian for “family”) and that he will teach you everything he knows.

You can compare Zac’s Internship to Morningstar Fisherman’s (a supposed non-profit!) internship, which is $2000 per month not including dorm or food (that’s another $2,500 per month!) So, that’s $4500 per month, not including airport pickup with lei greeting!

Zac's commercial aquaponics systems

(Above) Even in sunny Kona, Zac uses a simple hoop house to keep excess rain off his produce and keep the quality high.

In the past, we discovered we had interns who were illegal drug users, smokers, or alcohol abusers who lied (or were in deep denial) about their habits before coming here, and we had to ask them to leave. So, please note: ZAC RUNS AN ALCOHOL, DRUG- AND TOBACCO-FREE farm. He has a family and does not tolerate any illegal drug use or alcohol use on his farm. Because of the high risk of tobacco mosaic virus transferring to other crops from tobacco products, he doesn’t allow ANY tobacco products onto the farm. And if you want to drink alcohol, you can do it in town.

Of course, we are happy to give you a list of interns (both past and present) who can tell you what it’s like here. If you want to sign up to be an intern, or have any questions about the terms of the internships, email Zac and he will start you on this process.

Zac is looking for people who want to change the world, and who are willing to change themselves first. He is looking for people who want to help others by pouring from a full cup, not an empty one. He is looking for family and friends he has not yet met. So, if you are open-minded and open-hearted, flexible, non-judgmental, loving, committed, and a hard worker, Zac would love to hear from you. There is much to be done, and time is short. Thanks for reading so far, and remember, this is a Friendly Affiliate Internship at Zac’s farm, it is NOT at Susanne and Tim’s farm, so contact Zac directly, not Susanne or Tim. THANKS!