Grow Food When There’s Snow Outside!

The Friendly Micro Series Aquaponic Solar Greenhouses grow 11.85 times as many plants as other aquaponics system designs per square foot of greenhouse floor area, at one-seventh the cost per plant space! Why is this a big deal? Because their costs don’t even include the greenhouse and its heating and cooling systems, and ours do!

In addition, we supply unlimited free lifetime technical support for all of our products! Details on our “Support” page.

In 2010-2011, Susanne developed an awesome deepwater raft plant nursery system for accelerating plant growth that puts 3.5 times as many plants per square foot of raft area into the system as “a well-known university’s” or “a well-known aquaponics consultant’s” systems do. Combined with our design for the Chinese-style Solar Greenhouse, this aquaponics technology puts 11.85 times as many plants into the greenhouse per square foot of greenhouse floor space (this is different than raft area). Because greenhouses are expensive compared to growing outdoors, what’s most important is how many plants the greenhouse holds per square foot. It’s simple: ours hold almost 12 times as much as theirs do per square foot of greenhouse space!(Click here for MORE technical information about the Solar Greenhouse, it’s components, and its integrated aquaponic system).

Click here to purchase the DIY Micro Aquaponic Solar Greenhouse package ($495) and ALSO receive a FREE copy of our Micro System manual worth $100 and our TableTop Systems manual worth $50

Here’s the approximate production from the three sizes of Micro Aquaponic Solar Greenhouses:

  • The 200 square foot greenhouse, with a footprint of 13 feet by 16 feet, holds 1,369 plants in 128 square feet of raft area and 32 square feet of sprouting table area, for a total plant density of 6.84 plants per square foot of greenhouse floor area. Plant production of 13-39 pounds of vegetables per week; fish production of 2-3 pounds per week.
  • The 300 square foot greenhouse, with a footprint of 13 feet by 24 feet, holds 2,054 plants in 192 square feet of raft area and 48 square feet of sprouting table area, for a total plant density of 6.84 plants per square foot of greenhouse floor area. Plant production of 19-50 pounds of vegetables per week; fish production of 3-5 pounds per week.
  • The 400 square foot greenhouse, with a footprint of 13 feet by 32 feet, holds 2,739 plants in 256 square feet of raft area and 64 square feet of sprouting table area, for a total plant density of 6.84 plants per square foot of greenhouse floor area. Plant production of 26-75 pounds of vegetables per week; fish production of 4-7 pounds per week.

The best way to get an energy-efficient Micro-scale backyard aquaponic solar greenhouse is to build one yourself using our DIY manuals and plans package. It includes three different sizes of Micro Aquaponic Solar Greenhouse: the 200, 300, and 400 square foot sizes. Materials to build this greenhouse (including the aquaponics system!) will cost from $3,500 to $8,500 on the mainland, depending on the size you select and materials costs in your area.

Designed with integrated aquaponics systems (they’re NOT just conventional greenhouses with fish tanks and troughs stuck in them, which is what you get from others) they are the most energy-efficient and productive growing structures the world has ever seen. If built well, and according to the plans, they are durable 30-year-plus structures just like a house is.

They are designed for extreme climates: they will continue growing year-round whether you have snow outside or 105-degree heat. They are efficiently insulated structures. They incorporate 3 sources of largely passive solar heating for wintertime use, as well as 3 different methods for low-energy summertime cooling using largely passive methods.

Although our Chinese-style greenhouse designs are perfect for extreme climates and we’d love to see you build one; we will also be the first to say they may be overkill for your climate. Because affordable construction is so critical to the success of any aquaponics operation, and we want to give you as many greenhouse options as possible, our Micro Greenhouse manual includes information on how to build less expensive, energy-efficient greenhouses that are not only appropriate for your climate, but also for your budget.

For example: there is a whole manual section devoted to purchasing used greenhouses, disassembling them, bringing them home, then reassembling them in the Chinese configuration: oriented long direction East-West, with heavily insulated North and end walls, insulation under and around the troughs and fish tank, and energy-efficient passive solar heating and geothermal cooling technologies. If you follow these simple instructions, you can end up with a nearly new (yet still incredibly energy-efficient) greenhouse for pennies on the dollar.

We’ve been doing CAD design work professionally for 25 years, and so, the 4 “D”-sized architectural sheets of CAD greenhouse construction plans that come with your package meet Building Department requirements in most jurisdictions; although they may need to be stamped by a local architect or engineer.

This complete DIY Micro Greenhouse package includes our 115-page Micro Aquaponics Technology manual; this publication includes everything we know about growing produce aquaponically on a backyard scale, and is everything you need to know to be successful growing in your greenhouse.

Randy Campbell’s 200-square foot Generation 2 Micro Aquaponic Solar Greenhouse in the snow in Tennessee, Winter 2012-13. Outside air was 24 degrees (plus some wind chill), air temp inside was 74 degrees, water temp 72. I turned into an icicle because I was the only one stupid enough to be outside standing in freezing sleet taking this photo (I never knew what “sleet” meant before this!)

Study Plans: the sample PDF plan sheets below can be printed on a 36-inch by 24-inch Architectural “D”-size sheet of bond at your local Office Max or Staples if you wish to see a plan sheet at full-size of a plan similar to the “Micro Aquaponic Solar Greenhouse” (these are for the Farmer’s Market Greenhouse).

Click here to see a “study” floor plan for the 19-foot wide, 3-trough Family Aquaponic Solar Greenhouse.

Click here to see a typical “details” plan for the 19-foot wide, 3-trough Family Aquaponic Solar Greenhouse.

Click here to purchase the DIY Micro Aquaponic Solar Greenhouse package ($495) and ALSO receive a FREE copy of our Micro System manual worth $100 and our TableTop Systems manual worth $50

Click here to find out more about our live Commercial Aquaponics And Solar Greenhouse Trainings.

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Click here to view Friendly Aquaponic’s slideshow for our “Aquaponic Solar Greenhouse”

Susanne with the newly-covered Hawaii Aquaponic Solar Greenhouse (Farmer’s Market 608 square foot size), January 30, 2012

Basil and tomatoes in the first Farmer’s Market ASG, showing planting densities, some greenhouse structure, and raft troughs.

If You’re SURE You Just Want The Greenhouse Technology Without The Aquaponics:

You’d better be sure, because you will be giving up the benefit of having the huge, temperature-stabilizing thermal mass of the water in the aquaponics troughs and fish tank to help keep your greenhouse cool and warm, plus the possibility of heating that water with a solar water heater in the winter and cooling it with geothermal cooling in the summer. If you’re still sure, we sell the Micro Greenhouse package minus the Aquaponics Technology part. You can do whatever you want with the inside of the greenhouse.

Click here to purchase the DIY Micro Solar Greenhouse ONLY ($295).

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