Commercial Aquaponic Systems Trainings

October_training (Above) A typical “Friendly” classroom.

To make these trainings more accessible and affordable, we offer them regularly at mainland locations that each have large commercial aquaponic systems in greenhouses. These commercial aquaponics farms are convenient and affordable for you to travel to; choose from California, Texas, Tennessee, or Wisconsin as the best location for your course.

BTW, if you’re thinking of taking an aquaponics training from Murray Hallam, Max Meyers, Aquatic EcoSystems/Pentair, Sylvia Bernstein, or Green Acre Aquaponics (Gina Cavaliero and Tonya Penick), we trained them all. We’ve advanced our technology significantly since they learned from us. Wouldn’t you rather get your information from the source?

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SusanneFarmTour625px(Above) Susanne giving the hands-on portion of a training.

If you can’t wait, we offer two day Personal Intensive Trainings through our affiliates Randy Campbell in Tennesee, Ben and Alysha Godfrey in Texas, and Zac Hosler in Hawaii. These trainings focus specifically on your project and its challenges. Zac also offers two-week to one-month internships. A Personal Intensive Training at our affiliate’s aquaponic farms is complete, affordable, and includes the ongoing free technical support all our products include. Their large aquaponic systems show you how quickly you can get operational and profitable, even if you’re on a budget.

These trainings are for people who want to make money feeding other people. Just remember (as we say) “Don’t quit your day job just yet! Although our commercial aquaponic systems grow a lot of food in a small space with high energy-efficiency, our trainings will not magically turn you into a successful businessperson. Please make sure you get training on running a business from local sources.

Delicious Fishes from our aquaponic systems.
(Above) Rose and Dad with two of our Delicious Fishes (destined for garlic butter and salt in a frying pan, unfortunately for them)

Description of the Commercial Solar Greenhouse Aquaponic Systems Training:

1. We begin with the three-day Aquaponics  training: it’s everything we know about the techniques and methods of growing with our aquaponic systems. Each day has its own hands-on segments.  More details of the Aquaponics Technology course here.

2. The one-day Solar Greenhouse course is everything we know about energy-efficient greenhouses, and includes information and complete CAD plans showing how to build a Chinese-style aquaponic solar greenhouse; along with more information on how to convert existing greenhouses to be as energy-efficient as possible. Of course, if one of these super-greenhouses is overkill for your climate, we also show you how to purchase and erect a good used greenhouse for ten cents on the dollar! More details of the Aquaponic Solar Greenhouse course here.

3. The one-day Commercial Aquaponics Training is everything we know about all the ways of making money with aquaponics, from CSA’s to Costco, from wholesale to retail, from selling simple produce to producing value-added products, including Food Safety Certification and Organic Certification. In one presentation, we show you how to grow from an initial $2,000 investment to become an aquaponics farm grossing $200,000 a year within three years. More details of the Commercial Aquaponics course here.

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Your Personal Trainers for the Commercial Aquaponic and Solar Greenhouse Trainings:
Susanne Friend, the owner of the company (with degrees in biology and chemistry) is your personal trainer for questions and issues regarding organic certification, plant and fish diseases, sales and marketing, value-added processing, fish hatchery and nursery design and operation, water and aeration questions, and water quality questions.

Tim Mann (technical staff) has been doing architectural and civil engineering design and drafting since 1990, and was an authorized AutoCAD dealer for 7 years during that period. Tim handles comprehensive system design and site-specific aquaponics questions as well as technical issues having to do with tank, piping, aeration, pumping, and electrical design.

Aquaponics Consulting Services

If we’ve done our job with our offerings (the group training, the personal intensive, or the Do-It-Myself package), you shouldn’t need consulting from anyone. However, IF you’re planning a large start-up operation where sophisticated aquaponic systems planning and site design needs to be done, we can help. We’ll ensure your success through intelligent project planning and custom aquaponic systems design. We’ll charge for it, but we’ll also guarantee the systems will grow vegetables and fish as well or better than anything else available, and at a much lower cost, if you follow our recommendations.

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