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(Above) A beautiful backyard Family-size aquaponics system

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To hear the “Friendly Aquaponics Philosophy”, watch this video:

(Below) An example of the incredible variety of produce you can grow with our aquaponics system designs.An example of the incredible variety of produce you can grow with our aquaponics system designs.


To get the “Friendly Aquaponics Picture” watch this video:

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If you have any questions, feel free to email Tim, or email Susanne. We’ll respond as quickly as our busy lives, four children, and 7-acre farm allow us to.

Some of the things we grow in our aquaponics systems are:

Some gorgeous heirloom tomatoes from the Friendly aquaponics system. Susanne with a beautiful head of lettuce from the Friendly aquaponics system. Rose and Dad with tilapia from the Friendly aquaponics system.
Some colorful heirloom tomatoes. Add garlic, butter, and basil for awesome marinara! Susanne with a huge head of green lettuce, reds and others on the raft. Tim and Rose with dinner; these two tilapia tasted great with a little butter and salt!